Fire Prevention Week: Statement from Minister Madu

Municipal Affairs Minister Kaycee Madu issued the following statement to mark Fire Prevention Week:

“Every year, fires tear apart the lives of Albertans. Most of these fires are preventable.

“The Office of the Fire Commissioner tells us that 30 per cent of fires in Canada and 67 per cent of all fire deaths happen in the place we feel safest – our homes.

“Cooking is the most common cause of house fires and smoking is behind the majority of fire deaths. Seniors have the highest risk of dying in home fires.

“It is important to be prepared at all times, and that includes having an emergency escape plan for your home that you practise regularly with all members of your household.

“We are grateful for the heroic acts of our first responders. Yet it is up to all of us to take measures that can protect our homes and our loved ones.

“This week is a critical reminder and alerts us to the dangers of fire.

Take the time to learn and know how to make your loved ones safe at home. For more information on how you can protect yourself and your loved ones, visit Fire Prevention Week.

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