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Fire Advisory in Forest Protection Area

In response to recent precipitation in many areas of the province and the great work of Alberta Wildfire, the government is removing the fire ban in the Forest Protection Area. A fire advisory is now in effect.

Alberta Environment and Parks will mirror this approach.

The fire advisory will now allow residents of the Forest Protection Area and those recreating in the FPA to safely enjoy a backyard fire pit, the use of charcoal briquettes on a barbecue or a campfire.

Fire permits can be issued under a fire advisory, but some permits may be restricted for wildfire prevention purposes.

The advisory is in place to continue helping reduce the number of human-caused wildfires and help firefighters focus on existing wildfires during this time. Alberta Wildfire has already successfully extinguished 243 wildfires this spring.

Conditions are re-evaluated daily and adjustments to restrictions will be considered, on an area-by-area basis, as necessary throughout the wildfire season.

Increasing campfire safety

Recreationists are encouraged to use designated camp rings or fire pits while having a campfire. These are meant to keep fires from spreading and are the best choice for a safe campfire.

Water should be kept nearby to keep campfires under control and to fully extinguish them once finished. Campfires must be attended at all times until extinguished.

When extinguishing a campfire, remember to soak it, stir it and soak it again. A campfire is only out when it is cool to the touch.

Quick facts

  • Fire bans, fire restrictions, OHV restrictions and fire advisories have proven to be effective prevention tools in reducing the number of human-caused wildfires.
  • A fire ban prohibits all outdoor wood fires, including charcoal barbecues and backyard fire pits. Fire permits are generally not issued and are limited to essential burning.
  • A fire restriction allows safe campfires on private lands and in campgrounds but prohibits outdoor wood campfires on public lands including random and backcountry sites. Fire permits are limited to essential burning only.
  • A fire advisory allows for safe campfires on private and public lands, including campgrounds.  There may be restrictions on fire permits at the discretion of a forest officer.
  • The full list of approved activities can be found on the Alberta Wildfire website.
  • An off-highway vehicle restriction was introduced on May 7, 2020 in several areas in the northwest of the province and removed on May 21, 2020.
  • Since March 1, 2020, Alberta has recorded 243 wildfires in the Forest Protection Area of Alberta that have burned approximately 430 hectares (1,060 acres).
  • The five-year average (2015-2019) for this time of year is 528 wildfires that burned approximately 145,000 hectares (357,605 acres).
  • The fire danger rating is currently low to moderate across the province.
  • For more information on wildfires, download the Alberta Wildfire app.
  • Up-to-date information on fire restrictions, fire bans, OHV restrictions and general wildfire information is available at or by calling 1-866-FYI-FIRE (1-866-394-3473).
  • To report a wildfire, call 310-FIRE (310-3473) toll-free, from anywhere in Alberta.

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