Finding Diamond in the Rough: Search for Missing Dog Continues

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From Facebook:

May 5th

Not 20min after I took this, she was attacked by a bear. Somehow she managed to break free from the bear, but she jumped into the river and never came back up.

My best friend. The best hiking partner. I loved the crap out of this dog.

Edit: last seen ~ 5km west into Kananaskis country off HWY 540 west of Longview. The river is the Highwood. I wish I had better coordinates. My number is +1-403-813-5010 if anyone locates her.

Edit: more accurate location is ~2km west of the Highwood Group Use area.

May 9th

Just an update on Diamond:

A super awesome woman went out with her tracking dogs. She was able to determine where D exited the water, and tracked her northbound across the highway and up the hill. She’s alive, hopefully, and seems to be heading northeast.

May 16th

I’m going to be walking downriver on the weekend, probably go as far as Eden (Valley). If anyone is bored and feels like joining me, that’d be cool.