Find Some Great Reading at the Longview Library

Longview Library News

The library Board wishes you all a very Happy New Year. We hope you will make coming to the library a big part of it. We hope, too, that you will peruse our bookshelves, enjoy the art work of local artists and admire the creativity of the young children in the area.

The library’s mandate is to provide a life long learning centre for the community of Longview. Please check out the latest in fiction and non-fiction, which arrive in the library each month. We encourage you to make use of the inter-library loan system which provides a great access to a vast number of books. Should you need help with this, Lynda our librarian would be very happy to help you with us.

Unfortunately, the programs slated for December had to be cancelled because of the snow. They will be rescheduled sometime in the future. Watch for these.

Good reads:

“Olive Again” by Elizabeth Strout (Pulitzer Prize winner) continues the saga of our beloved Olive Kitterage. The story returns to the seaside town of Crosby in Maine. The book animates the ordinary, the special gift of Strout’s. Olive touches everyone around her, and the novel is very moving and touching.

Another is “Lilac  Girls” by Martha Hall Kelly. This book would appeal to lovers of Kristen Hanna’s “The Nightingale” and Doerr’s “The Light We Cannot See”. It is a moving story,  based on real people and events during the Second World War.The saga crosses two continents as a New York debutante finds herself extremely involved with the fate of two Polish girls. It is to be made into a documentary to be released in August.