Fildebrandt Calls on NDP to be Open with ‘Mini-Budget’, End Fuzzy PC Accounting


EDMONTON, AB – (Friday), Wildrose Shadow Finance Minister Derek Fildebrandt released recommendations to ensure the NDP ‘mini-budget’ is fully open and transparent and the government puts an end to fuzzy PC accounting practices.

“Albertans sent Wildrose to the legislature to make sure the government doesn’t have a blank cheque. The NDP are looking to pass a mini-budget that will mean possibly tens of billions of dollars in new spending,” Fildebrandt said. “We need to make sure the numbers are open and transparent, and any new spending commitments aren’t buried and bulldozed through the legislature.”

The NDP ‘mini-budget’ will be presented in an interim supply bill expected next week. Alberta is still operating under the 2014 Redford budget framework.

Wildrose put forward recommendations to ensure the mini-budget isn’t given a blank cheque and accounting practices are done fairly and open to the public:

  • Allow the mini-budget to be fully debated in the house, with all ministers accounting for new spending items presented in interim supply
  • A commitment from the government not to delay the full budget beyond Sept. 2015
  • Full information to be released on the true state of Alberta’s finances before voting on the Supply Bill, including estimates of revenue, spending, deficit, and debt.
  •  True transparency in accounting so all capital expenditures are included in the province’s bottom line

Fildebrandt said that after years of the PCs fudging the numbers, now is the time for the NDP to show they will be open and transparent about the true deficit Alberta is facing.

“To justify record spending and borrowing, the PCs for years hid the true nature of Alberta’s deficit and debt,” Fildebrandt said. “Albertans can’t trust PC accounting tricks, and it’s time to put this practice to an end. We’re looking to work collaboratively with the government to ensure Albertans are given the real numbers the province is facing.”