Fildebrandt Calls on Ministers Responsible for Kananaskis to Appear Before Public Accounts


CALGARY, AB (July 13, 2015): Today, Wildrose Shadow Finance Minister Derek Fildebrandt is calling on former ministers responsible for the latest Kananaskis boondoggle to appear before the public accounts committee.

The call comes after new information revealed over $10.3 million had been spent on rehabilitating the golf course owned by Kan-Alta Management Ltd., a company with well-established ties to the PC party, with an extra $1 million still owed by the end of the year.

Fildebrandt, chair of public accounts, said Albertans deserve answers about why, despite promises from the previous government, taxpayers are still on the hook for these generous payouts.

“A running total of $10.3 million for this golf course is not at all in line with the assurances we got during the election that no more public money would be spent,” Fildebrandt said. “A report from the auditor general and Deloitte is welcome, but we believe former ministers responsible need to appear before the public accounts committee and give Albertans an explanation about previous costs and costs moving forward.”

During the election, Wildrose ran on the promise of ending these type of generous corporate handouts.

In order to have a full review of the Kananaskis affair, Fildebrandt said he’s hoping to work in cooperation with all other members of the committee and the current government to ensure Albertans have clear answers on the rationale behind previous spending decisions and a complete picture of possible future costs.

“We are hoping to work in cooperation with all parties to ensure we get to the bottom of this reckless spending”, Fildebrandt said. “Misuse of taxpayer dollars on this project can and should be put to a stop immediately.”