Fibre Optic Internet Service – Axia Community Consultation for Turner Valley and Black Diamond

The towns of Black Diamond and Turner Valley have been offered an opportunity to access high speed fibre optic internet through Axia.  The company is proposing to build advanced communication infrastructure at no cost to the taxpayers in our communities based on  a minimum of 30% public support. Fibre optic technology offers the fastest speeds available – up to 1Gbps upload and download.  You will continue to have a choice of providers for television, phone and internet while using the fibre optic connection.

Both Councils are supportive of this technology.  To indicate your support, visit, click the Order Now button, provide your address  and contact details and click the Submit button. You will be notified that service is not currently available, however, your submission will indicate you support the project.  Signing up does not commit you to a contract with Axia, but may indicate your willingness to be contacted by the company.

While the Town of Turner Valley is supportive of improved internet access and speed to residents and businesses, we do not endorse any specific utility company in this regard. 

About Axia

Axia operates the “SuperNet” for the Alberta government. Owned and funded by the government, it connects government, learning, health, library and municipality sites across the Province. Axia also developed packages for monitoring, managing and maintaining the connection, provision of electronics, Quality of Service, Service Level Agreements and VPN memberships anywhere in the province.

To facilitate the connection of non-government customers, Axia operates Axia Broadband Connection Services. Non-government customers represented 20 percent of the total used bandwidth in May 2008. (Wikipedia)