Fibre-Optic Broadband Project Cancelled

HIGH RIVER, ALBERTA – A decision was made by Town Council at the September 9th regular meeting to discontinue further efforts or investigation into the broadband project after concluding costs to be prohibitive.

The Town had hoped to bring in a fibre-optic broadband service that would provide downtown businesses access to faster and more reliable service. After months of investigation, the broadband project team has concluded that finding a cost-effective solution that meets the identified criteria is not possible.

“The expertise around broadband is in the private sector,” said Mayor Craig Snodgrass. “The cost for building and maintaining a broadband solution would put a larger burden on taxpayers than originally anticipated. We believe that going forward, market forces should dictate what solution is best for the municipality.”

“The Town remains committed to attracting and supporting existing businesses in High River,” said Melissa Palmer, Economic Development Coordinator. “High River is a great place to build a thriving business with many resources and benefits for business owners.”

The Town of High River has issued ninety new business licenses in 2019.