February Message from Turner Valley School

February Message from Turner Valley School

Administrator’s Message

It is hard to believe that January went as quickly as it did and we are into February already. February also marks the beginning of the second half of the school year. As always, our school continues to be a busy one!

January was a busy time for our Literacy Day Committee as they planned a fantastic celebration of reading with the theme “Reading in the Enchanted Forest”. Thank you for those who could attend and help to share your love of reading with our students. For those of you whom could not attend, please continue to share your love of reading at home.

To further our goal of a Safe and Caring School, all staff members were involved in First Aid training on January 26th. As well, Grade 6 students began their training as TVS Ambassadors. Those students who were interested in mentoring younger students were trained in conflict resolution, practicing active listening and reviewed Kelso’s choices. As of February 5th, you can see our Ambassadors on our playground brightly identified in orange vests, please stop to say hello!

Wednesday, February 7th the staff and students participated in our Winter Walk Day. At noon on the same day, the students challenged the staff to a volleyball game! February 7th was also Global Play Day (visit globalschoolplayday.com for more information).

The staff at Turner Valley School would like to recognize the passion and support that the community has extended to our school. Your proactive and positive support helps keep Turner Valley School at the center of this community and striving to be the best it can be. Please enjoy your time with your families during your break from February 16-25th!

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