FCP & Wexit Members to Vote on Unification into the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta

Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta

EDMONTON, AB: Today the Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta (FCP) and Wexit Alberta announced that an Agreement in Principle has been struck to unite both parties into the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta (WIP).

FCP and Wexit Alberta members will vote in an online referendum to be held on June 29th, 2020. The FCP constitution requires a two-thirds super-majority to pass the resolution.

If the members of both parties ratify the unification agreement, the WIP will come into being. The following day, the Interim Joint Board of Governors will elect an interim-leader, president, and other officers of the party.

A founding convention will be held within three months of the agreement’s ratification pending any public health limitations on gatherings, and a leadership election held after that.

Elections Alberta has approved the name ‘Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta’, however members will have the opportunity to select another name if they choose at the founding party convention.

The two parties have been negotiating for more than nine months and invited other sovereigntist parties to the table. The agreement is written in such a way that other like-minded parties may join the unification agreement at any time.

Bill Jones, FCP President:

“Today’s unification agreement is the fulfillment of more than nine months of negotiations representing the direction we were given by our members after the last election. They told us to reach out to other parties and organizations that support freedom and sovereignty for Alberta, and we have done so with an outstretched hand. We have worked hard to include everyone interested in coming together for the greater good of Alberta to found a credible, viable, mainstream party to be the voice and vehicle of Alberta independence. If our members ratify the agreement that we present to them today, then we will radically upset the stale two-party, federalist monopoly that governs Alberta.”

Peter Downing, Wexit Alberta Executive Director:

“Since Eastern Canada re-elected Justin Trudeau, the Western independence movement has exploded. Albertans have given Jason Kenney a chance to get a ‘fair deal’ for his people, and after one year, all we have seen is talk. Because Mr. Kenney and Ms. Notley are committed federalists, Ottawa knows that all they will do is talk.”

“The time has come for all Alberta sovereigntists in all parties and organizations to come together behind a single, unified and credible party that can do what we are unable to do apart. The Wildrose Independence Party is here to put Ottawa and the federalists on notice: Alberta independence has arrived, and it will fight on until Alberta is free.”

The following list of people form the proposed Interim Joint Board of Governors for the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta.

Both the Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta and Wexit Alberta selected fifteen (15) people each for appointment to the board.

From Wexit Alberta:

1) Jenny Walker

2) Barry Stephenson

3) Amit Batra

4) Mike Filip

5) Tamara Lich

6) Kanak Prasad

7) Dennis Modry

8) Robert Patterson

9) Todd Brown

10) Pat Turnbull

11) Gurcharan Garcha

12) Rob Anders

13) Sakattar Sandhu

14) Sam Bell

15) Danielle Cameron

From Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta:

1) David White

2) Bill Jones

3) Kathy Flett

4) Stephen Burry

5) Chad Miller

6) Rick Northey

7) Bob Lefurgey

8) Wes Calwell

9) Steve Goodman

10) Jamie Marriott

11) Jeff Rout

12) James Albers

13) Zuzana Janos

14) Paul Gullackson

15) Neal Flett