Fatal Tragedy Hits Close to Home – Funeral Today

Balden familyOn July 6th we reported that a single vehicle rollover had claimed the life of a 26 year old man near Millarville. His young wife and two month old daughter survived the accident.[break][break]
We would now like to extend our sympathies to the family of Joshua Baldeosingh (Balden). Many of you will know Joshua’s mother-in-law, Linda Orme, who is a teacher at the Millarville Community School.[break][break]
Joshua was an intern minister who was sent to the Meota Parish for the summer to work and learn under the tutelage of Rev. Getty.[break][break]
He would have been returning to the Seminary at Wycliffe College in Toronto in September to complete his final year of training as a priest in the Anglican Church.[break][break]
“He and his young wife Brit (the former Britney Orme from Priddis) arrived in our parish in April.  Their beautiful little daughter, Eve (Evie), was born on May 9th  and was baptized into the Body of Christ at Christ Church Millarville on May 24th. Joshua’s untimely and tragic death resulted from an accident on Monday, July 6th.  Our lives have been deeply touched and enriched by the strong faith and love for our Lord Jesus Christ and God that Joshua and Brit displayed. We were truly blessed to have had this couple become a part of our Christian Family in the Meota Parish.” ~ Norma Dogger[break]
Rev. Alan Getty released the following letter to his congregation and kindly gave the Gateway Gazette permission to re-use it here.[break][break]
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,[break][break]It is with the deepest sadness that I must inform you of the very sudden and tragic death of Joshua.[break][break]
It was by the hand of God that Joshua came to us in the Meota Parish. It was in faith that we opened our hearts and lives to him, and in so doing we were deeply blessed. Joshua brought a love of the Lord that shone out as a beacon of light in our midst. His love for us and our parish touched each of us in a very personal and genuine way. In the short time that he was with us he became a part of our family. He was ours, but more than that, we were his. He loved us, and we loved him.[break][break]
The evidence of this is the tremendous sense of loss we now feel. Because the love and blessing of Joshua was so deep, so too now is our sorrow and grief.[break][break]
There are no words to express what our hearts feel. There is no explanation that can satisfy the questions that inundate our minds. We are simply left in disbelief that Joshua is no longer with us.[break][break]
But dear friends, though he is no longer with us, we do know where he is. He is in the arms of his Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He loved the Lord with all his heart, mind, soul and strength. He has gone on ahead of us to receive the promise of our faith. And though we weep and mourn our loss, we do so not as a people without hope, but in the mighty hope of the resurrection to everlasting life.[break][break]
I ask you to please come and grieve the death of Joshua, and to remember him before the Lord. Place your trust in God at this time and join with His people as we look forward to the day when every tear shall be wiped away. We will hold a Memorial service for our beloved brother in Christ, Joshua,  at Christ Church Millarville, on July 10th at 2pm in the afternoon.[break][break]
Well done good and faithful servant, come and share in the happiness of your master. Rest in peace Joshua.[break][break]In the love of Christ,[break]Alan+