Farm Stewardship Centre Renews Focus for 21st Century

The Government of Alberta is enhancing support for the development and use of sustainable agricultural practices within a diversified economy.

The Farm Stewardship Centre in Lethbridge will provide a renewed focus on applied research, evaluation and implementation of new methods and technology aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of farming and food production.

“Strengthening environmental stewardship practices is crucial to the responsible growth of a strong and sustainable agriculture sector that will help further diversify the Alberta economy. The staff at the centre will be working closely with producers, commodity groups and the research community to explore innovative approaches to how we grow food and care for the environment in this province.”

~ Oneil Carlier, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

“The long-term success of the agriculture industry relies on Alberta continuing to show leadership in sustainable and environmentally responsible development. The Farm Stewardship Centre will be a tremendous resource for our agriculture producers to help them make informed decisions about how to best manage their operations.”

~ Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks

Established in the 1980s, the Lethbridge research facility continues to evolve to meet the needs of the agriculture sector. Under its new mandate, the centre is undertaking projects that range from the assessment of greenhouse gas emissions linked to fertilizer to developing systems that improve water and energy use on farms.

The work at the centre will complement other government initiatives including Growing Forward 2, which are designed to support the development of a sustainable and competitive agriculture industry. Through the federal-provincial Growing Forward 2 program, producers and agri-businesses have access to funding to support advances in animal health, food safety, market access, value-added industry development and environmental stewardship.