FallCon, Calgary’s Annual Board Game Convention (September 21 – 23, 2017)

Calgary – FallCon, the second largest board game convention in Canada, will be holding its 31st annual Board Game Convention September 21 – 23, 2018.

FallCon aims to bring together families and friends around tabletop games to promote positive relationships and a strong sense of community. We invite anyone and everyone interested in (or curious about) tabletop games to join us.

At the convention, visit the Open Gaming area, where the expert game Librarian will match you with one of more than 1200 games from FallCon’s collection! Once seated, a gaming Ambassador will help gamers find more players (if needed) and then explain the rules.  Or sign up in advance for hosted events, including both new and classic games, as well as tournaments, demos, gameshows and the ever popular board game themed Locked Room. Attendees can even provide feedback to local game designers in Prototype Alley! Saturday evening, take in the 2 hr live auction of over 400 games, or Sunday morning, roam the Flea Market to find hidden gems to add to your collection.

As in previous years, giant and fan versions of popular games will be available at FallCon 31, including our custom made Chariot Race called Circus Maximus that takes place over 9 game tables, our custom Giant version of King of Tokyo, with foot-wide foam dice and 3 foot tall monsters!  Rounding out the game offerings are miniature and war campaign games that reenact battles with individually painted miniatures and constructed terrain.

FallCon 31 is an expansion on the idea of game night with your friends and family in your living room. Anyone interested in board games is invited! Location: Sait Campus Centre 1301 16th Ave NE Calgary, Alberta

Advance Online Ticket Prices:

Adult Weekend Pass: $60

Youth (13-17) Weekend Pass: $20

Child (12 and under) Weekend Pass: Free

Day passes available, from $15-$40

Limited  tickets also available at the door.

FallCon, 100% volunteer-run, non-profit organization, began as an annual weekend of playing board games in a ballroom at the University of Calgary run by a handful of students. As interest in the hobby has grown in Western Canada, FallCon has expanded, both in variety of games and attendance.  As numbers grow, FallCon’s mission remains the same:

“We believe playing games, with friends and family, makes better communities, families and relationships.”

~Michael Cox – FallCon Director

Our Focus: People + Games = Better Communities, Families, and Relationships.