Fair Vote Canada offers a tool to look at Disregarded Votes


On Election Day, Fair Vote Canada will be offering Canadians a different way to analyze election results with the website http://myvoteshouldcount.ca/.

This website will provide live results for each riding and party by percentage of unrepresented votes. An unrepresented vote is a vote that will not be represented in the legislature because it did not go to the winning candidate. At the bottom you will also see unrepresented votes by party.

We believe, with three parties calling for the end of first-past-the-post voting, these results should inform the discourse and help Canadians decide on an appropriate model to replace the current system. Democracy is not about winners and losers, it’s about respecting the will of the people. Canada’s first past the post voting systems leaves over half of the electorate with ineffective votes. Only proportional representation is capable of Making Every Vote Count.

Fair Vote Canada is a grassroots organization representing over 61,000 Canadians calling for equal and effective votes for all citizens through the use of proportional representation.

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