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Fair Deal Town Hall at Priddis

Members of the High Country Rural Crime Watch thought you may be interested to join in an event set up by our local MLA Miranda Rosin.

The FAIR DEAL TOWN HALL will be held at the PRIDDIS Community Hall on February 5, 2020, at 7 pm.

Map link to the Priddis Hall location

Join in the discussion and have your say!

If possible, email RSVP to:

One of the topics you may be interested to hear about and comment on is the idea of establishing a provincial police force by ending the Alberta Police Service Agreement with the Government of Canada.

There are a number of areas being explored as the Fair Deal Panel travels our province to listen to Albertans and get their ideas for Alberta’s future.  For more info on background and content, visit:


FAIR DEAL FOR ALBERTA (info from website)

The Fair Deal Panel is consulting Albertans on how best to define and secure a fair deal for Alberta. They’re exploring ideas that give us a bigger voice within the federation, increase our power over areas of provincial jurisdiction, and advance our vital economic interests, such as building energy pipelines.

Albertans are frustrated with the federal government and the barriers they’re imposing on our economy. We’ve been the biggest contributing province to Canada’s prosperity by far, but some provinces that are profiting from our resources now seem determined to landlock our industries.

Alberta isn’t asking for a special deal, just a fair one.


The Fair Deal Panel is listening to Albertans and their ideas for Alberta’s future.  Specific areas being explored include:

• Establishing a provincial revenue agency to collect provincial taxes directly by ending the Canada-Alberta Tax Collection Agreement, while joining Quebec in seeking an agreement to collect federal taxes within the province.

• Creating an Alberta Pension Plan by withdrawing from the Canada Pension Plan.

• Establishing a provincial police force by ending the Alberta Police Service Agreement with the Government of Canada.

• Emulating Quebec’s practice of playing a larger role in international relations, in part by seeking Alberta representation in treaty negotiations that effect Alberta’s interests.

• Emulating Quebec’s legal requirement that public bodies, including municipalities and school boards, obtain the approval of the provincial government before they can enter into agreements with the federal government.

• Using the existing provincial power to appoint the Chief Firearms Office for Alberta.

• Opting out of federal cost share programs with full compensation, such as the federal government’s proposed pharmacare program.

• Seeking an exchange of tax points for federal cash transfers under the Canada Health and Social Transfers.

• Establishing a formalized provincial constitution.



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