Exploring Trade Opportunities with Asia

Minister Oneil Carlier will travel to China and South Korea Nov. 2 – 15 to support economic opportunities for Alberta’s agriculture and forestry sectors.

“Building strong trade and investment relationships in like Asia is essential to creating jobs and diversifying the Alberta economy. There is tremendous potential for growth of our exports and business partnerships in China and South Korea where there is increasing demand for high-quality food and wood products.”

Oneil Carlier, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry


“Canada’s ability to export our high quality agricultural products is vital to the sustainability of our family farms. It is important to demonstrate to the world that our industry and government work together to benefit the thousands of farmers and ranchers across Canada. Government involvement on trade missions has directly resulted in trade deals that have had a positive impact on our agriculture economy and allowed us to maintain one of the most modern and efficient agricultural infrastructures in the world.”

Michael Latimer, Executive Director, Canadian Beef Breeds Council


The trade mission will focus on opportunities for value-added food processing, agricultural products such as beef, pork, grains, cooking oils, hemp, honey, beverages and livestock genetics, as well as lumber and pulp exports.

The Alberta delegation will meet with key officials and industry stakeholders in important market centres of Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai and the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, which is commemorating a 35-year trade, investment and cultural exchange relationship with Alberta.

Alberta companies will also be participating in two high-profile agricultural exhibitions, the Food and Hospitality China Show and the Canada Food Expo in South Korea.

Alberta exports approximately $1.8 billion in agri-food products and over $582 million in forestry products annually to China and South Korea.

The estimated cost for travel, meals, accommodations and hosting for Minister Carlier, an aide and two department staff is $64,521.20.




Nov. 1
  • Arrive Beijing
Nov. 2
  • Meetings with officials at Alberta Beijing International Office
Nov. 3
  • Meetings with Canadian Federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri?Food and key Chinese government officials
Nov. 4
  • Meetings with Chinese import companies and Alberta companies doing business in China
Nov. 6
  • Travel from Beijing to Shanghai
Nov. 7
  • Attend Food and Hospitality China Show
  • Participate in Canadian Beef Gala Lunch
  • Meeting with Alberta companies participating in Food and Hospitality China Show
Nov. 8
  • Meeting with Shanghai Food Importers Association
  • Attend Canada Beef Brand Launch
Nov. 9
  • Meetings with Canada Wood and forestry industry stakeholders
Nov. 10
  • Travel from Shanghai to Heilongjiang Province
  • Attend event hosted by the Heilongjiang Department of Science and Technology
Nov. 11
  • Attend Alberta-Heilongjiang Value-added Processing Symposium
  • Tour of Daqing China-Canada Research Development Centre
  • Tour of China-Canada Biofibers Joint Research Centre
  • Meeting with Vice-Governor of Heilongjiang and officials with Heilongjiang Foreign Affairs Office
  • Commemorative event marking the 35th anniversary of the Heilongjiang-Alberta sister province relationship.
Nov. 12
  • Travel from China to Seoul, South Korea
Nov. 13
  • Meeting with Alberta Korea International Office officials
Nov. 14
  • Meeting with Canadian Embassy officials
  • Attend Canada Food Expo Seminar
  • Meetings with Korean agriculture sector stakeholders
  • Canadian Beef dinner meeting with South Korean meat companies
Nov. 15
  • Meetings with Korean wood and agriculture sector stakeholders
  • Attend Canadian Beef Event and Canada Food Expo
  • Depart Seoul

*Note: Itinerary is subject to change