Experience the History Behind Chocolate Making in Banff


There’s now a delicious way to explore the history of Canada – these treats will make you want to turn back time!

Parks Canada has collaborated with Mars Ambassadors to offer this special chocolate program at the Cave and Basin in Banff National Park on January 10th, 2015.

The Historic Division of Mars began in 2006 with the vision of establishing Mars, Incorporated as the undisputed leader in chocolate history. The mission is to pursue and share chocolate’s rich past, and create authentically historic chocolate experiences that allow people to enjoy the combination of history and Mars chocolate-making excellence. Parks Canada and Mars Canada Inc. have collaborated on creating unique historic chocolate experiences at many National Historic Sites, and sharing stories related to chocolate history in Canada.

Using an authentic 18th-century recipe, The Historic Division of Mars has created the HERITAGE TM Chocolate products used in their programs.