Expanding Opportunities for Skilled Students

Alberta has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ontario to enhance opportunities for students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).


Alberta Minister of Education Adriana LaGrange signs Memorandum of Understanding with Ontario Minister of Education Stephen Lecce.

Education Minister Adriana LaGrange signed the Memorandum of Understanding at the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) meeting in Victoria, helping encourage young people, parents and educators to recognize skilled trades as a career of choice.

Alberta and Ontario commit to enhancing opportunities in the skilled trades and expanding the apprenticeship model to other professions by promoting clear learner pathways.

“It is essential for education ministers to build a consensus around the need to enhance opportunities for students in STEM. Information sharing will ensure our students are given the tools they need to succeed, both now and in the future. This will lead to a more skilled workforce and give students the transferable skills to meet the demands of today’s global economy and society.”Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Education

“Alberta’s youth need to know that the skilled trades are a viable career path and not just something you fall back on. Apprenticeship education and skilled trades have every bit as much value, merit and worth as a university degree. This partnership shows our government is taking action to encourage our young people to consider a job in the skilled trades so they can go on to have a prosperous and fulfilling career right here in Alberta.”Demetrios Nicolaides, Minister of Advanced Education

By expanding existing knowledge sharing and cooperation, Alberta and Ontario commit to data sharing, sharing information about effective practices and developing other joint educational activities. All efforts seek to prevent a shortage of skilled trades professions in the future and to end the continued high youth unemployment rate in the two provinces.

“The grey wave is building with over 3,000 skilled workers in the trades and related occupations retiring each year in Alberta. These highly rewarding, high-tech, in-demand occupations provide huge opportunities for our youth. We are committed to giving every high school student in Alberta the chance to explore their career passion by linking learning and earning, and potentially discovering career paths essential to Alberta’s and Canada’s economic success. What an exciting time for our youth to be taking advantage of these opportunities.”Andy Neigel, president and CEO, CAREERS: The Next Generation Foundation  

This agreement demonstrates Alberta’s leadership in strengthening skills training to help prepare our students for success in the economy of today and tomorrow. By working with other provinces, the government is taking a collaborative approach to develop a skilled workforce for our next generation.