Everything you Need in Your Medicine Cabinet

For all the scrapes, bruises, fevers, and stuffy noses your child is bound to get this school year, it’s a good idea to keep your medicine cabinet well-stocked before classes start and you find yourself in desperate need of a remedy. Save yourself a last-minute dash to the pharmacy and keep these supplies on hand to treat minor ailments.

88047bHFor pain and fever: Liquid acetaminophen tailored to your child’s age — infant-strength for babies under 35 pounds (15 kilograms) and the children’s version for kids over that weight. Avoid giving more than is recommended, as even a small overdose may damage the liver.

For coughs: Stodal (available in both Regular Honey Formula and Sugar-Free) is a homeopathic cough syrup used to effectively relieve both dry and wet coughs in adults and children as young as one.

For cuts and scrapes: A tube of antibiotic ointment and adhesive bandages and gauzes in assorted sizes. Some kids can be allergic to fabric or latex bandages, so make sure to have different options available.

For taking their temperature: A digital thermometer — babies will need a rectal reading, which is the most accurate. Once your child is around 4, it’s fine to switch to oral readings. Oral thermometers can also be used under the arm for children over 3 months who won’t sit still for a rectal reading, but aren’t ready to hold a thermometer in the mouth.

For allergies and nasal congestion: Non-medicated saline nose drops that are helpful for clearing babies’ and children’s noses.

For colds: For children ages one month and up, Coryzalia relieves cold symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, and acute rhinitis. It’s available in easy-to-administer drinkable unit-doses and is sugar, dye, and preservative-free.

For the rest: These basics will round out your supplies — a box of alcohol wipes for disinfecting, tea tree oil for bug bites, calamine lotion for rashes, and Aloe Vera for sunburn.

For time-crunched parents looking for homeopathic medicines, the experts at Boiron have developed a homeopathic medicine finder app that helps you quickly and efficiently find the most appropriate homeopathic remedy to relieve your symptoms from joint pain, insect bites, stress, colds, flu-symptoms and so much more. The app includes dosage information, coupons and store locations and is available online at boiron.ca/app.

Keep in mind these homeopathic medicines may not be right for everyone. Always read and follow the label.