Evan Berger: Progressive Conservative Candidate for Livingstone-Macleod

Why I am Running

To be an effective MLA requires a strong support network, the ability, the desire, and 110% commitment to serve the people and the communities of the constituency and the province. I have that network, ability, desire and commitment.

I have been encouraged by the many conversations, calls, notes and messages of support urging me to please run again. I believe everyone has a role to play in building a positive future for all Albertans, and I want to be your voice at the Legislature.

I enjoy spending time in the community, working to engage with the community, working to learn the needs and aspirations of the community, and I am committed to working to fulfill those needs and aspirations.

I am proud and confident the leadership being demonstrated by Premier Prentice is setting a new and more stable path forward for Alberta and although there will be challenges, I am confident under his guidance, and with your participation we can keep Alberta the best jurisdiction in the world to work, live and raise a family.

Website: http://www.evanberger.ca/