Entrepreneurs Fear Alberta Advantage is Eroding


Only 38% believe the provincial govt is committed to improving business climate

CALGARY – The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) today released results from a provincial budget survey that shows the majority of independent business owners are concerned about the erosion of Alberta’s status as a business-friendly jurisdiction.

Small business owners were asked: Do you think Alberta’s advantage as a business-friendly jurisdiction still exists?

·         Fifty-six per cent said: yes but it’s eroding

·         Twenty-six per cent said: no, there is no longer an advantage

·         Six per cent indicated: yes, it is as strong as ever

·         Five per cent said: no, there never was an advantage

·         Seven per cent don’t know

“All the talk about what tax the provincial government wants to hike puts business owners on edge.  Instead of taking billions of dollars out of the economy and putting it into government coffers, let’s talk about where we can better control spending,” stated Amber Ruddy, CFIB’s Senior Policy Analyst in Alberta.

The survey results also show entrepreneurs overwhelmingly believe the provincial government should firmly commit to improving the climate for small business.  Entrepreneurs were asked: How confident are you that your provincial government is committed to improving the climate for small business in Alberta?

·         Thirty-eight per cent are somewhat or very confident

·         Fifty-eight per cent are not very confident or not confident at all

·         Four per cent don’t know

“Over half of small business owners in the province don’t feel confident this government is committed to creating a better business environment and that number will grow with additional taxes.  The Premier and Finance Minister should think twice before weakening the Alberta Advantage.  To fix Alberta’s finances the cabinet needs to get to work reprioritizing and reining in spending,” concluded Ruddy.

The CFIB pre-budget survey was conducted online from January 26th to February 5th, 2015.  There were 880 respondents to the web-based, controlled access survey.


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