An Entertaining Evening


What is Glen Mead lll? Where is it? It is an adult seniors living complex,on the southern side of Black Diamond, near the High Country Lodge and the Oilfields Hospital. It is not a so-called “old folks home” It is a happy place, on a large acreage, where people are able to care for themselves, most of them drive, some even are in the workforce, a place were we care for others and generally speaking have a good time living there……and we enjoy all our 4-legged visitors……..mule deer, the odd coyote and red fox. It is gratifying to know they are quite tame. They know we are not out to harm them. We love them.

We enjoy being entertained, so this is what happened recently……….

Our local Girl Guides, under the leadership of Mrs. Barbara Froud, entertained us on the evening of December 4th.The Guides were about to show us how they make gingerbread houses. Now these girls are up against some pretty strong competition , as our resident ladies are no slouches when it comes to the kitchen area, and making gingerbread. They have had many years experience. As it turned out, we had no baking or cooking to do, no stove or oven to clean which was a plus…….not very much of a mess to clean up. There were ALMOST some disasters, but all in all, it turned out well.

The girls (ages about 9 to 11) had so much energy it was a delight to be in their presence. It was such a pleasure having them entertain us. They even sang a few Christmas songs, one of which was new to everyone. I am sure some of their energy rubbed off……it just had to have done so. I believe the Girl Guides program has got these young gals off to a good start in life……headed in the right direction.

Everyone of us were laughing, almost to tears, and having fun. It was an enjoyable evening indeed. They have been invited to come again.

I understand the Girl Guides will be at the High Country Lodge next Thursday …..could be an evening well spent. I think I’ll go……….. and it is free!!!!!!!!