Engaging Youth – the Future of Work

Edmonton – Students are ever-more concerned about their future:  work and their careers, health and future wellbeing.  The emergence of innovations in artificial intelligence and biotechnologies are cited as central to their angst.  These are just some of the extraordinary findings in the report released today by the Alberta Council of Technologies in association with the Centre for Global Education.

The report – the second in an annual study that will extend to all of Canada in 2019 and worldwide in 2020, engages thousands of high school students in a survey and follow-on team study.  The project launched in 2017 with The Centre for Global Education was chaired in 2018 by Haley Simons of the Alberta Creativity Network.

Haley notes that “The project gives students a voice about the future of work and the role and impact of emerging technologies.”  The project leader, Terry Godwaldt – of The Centre for Global Education,  elaborated, “Of particular interest is the interaction between emerging technologies and education, and how they are affecting student confidence in the future. While many students when surveyed express a high level of confidence in spite of a concern about emerging technologies, the confidence is less apparent when engaged in more in-depth team discussion.”

Perry Kinkaide, the Founder and CEO of the Alberta Council of Technologies weighs in with his observations, “Students when given a voice are absolutely clear and consistent in their concern about the rate of change and the impact of emerging technologies. Educators’ need to listen.“

The full report – Engaging Youth – the future of work, can be accessed HERE.  An associated video captures Haley and Terry in a recent presentation before the audience of ABCtech’s all-industry networking event and can be viewed here: