Enforcement Increased on Eastern Slopes Public Lands

Enforcement efforts will be increased on the eastern slopes public lands
Enforcement efforts will be increased on the eastern slopes public lands

Alberta is putting more people on the ground in the eastern slopes this summer to raise awareness around safe and responsible use of public lands.

An additional 23 Peace Officers, including Conservation Officers and Park Rangers, are dedicated to outreach, education and law enforcement in the region starting this May long weekend.

“Increasing our presence on public lands will provide us with additional opportunities to interact with Albertans and promote safe recreation and stewardship.”

~ Greg Ottway, District Conservation Officer

Local municipalities in the region have voiced the need for broad public education, awareness and enforcement support from the province due to a significant increase in recreational activities on public lands, including camping and off-highway vehicle use.

In recent years, abuse of public lands has included abandoned camping items like chairs and tents, and even cars and mattresses.

The increased enforcement presence will help raise awareness of public safety and environmental impacts through interaction first, and law enforcement second.

Feedback on enforcement efforts received during the 2015 summer season will help inform future decisions regarding patrols, monitoring and enforcement on public lands in other regions of the province.

The cross-ministry enforcement program will include the participation of other law enforcement agencies, including the RCMP and Fish and Wildlife Officers already patrolling in the region.