Emergency Pet Rescues in Fort McMurray

Pet Evac centre in Ft MacPeace officers from the Alberta SPCA and the Calgary Humane Society have been working tirelessly in Fort McMurray to help the Wood Buffalo Animal Control Services with the rescue of as many animals as possible.

Phase 2 of the animal response plan has been in operation for nearly two days.

The extraction teams, each led by an experienced animal protection peace officer, have been moving from house to house. They have fed, watered, assessed and removed hundreds of animals to the staging area. The peace officers and their teams have training and experience in dealing with animal rescues and are equipped to handle emergency situations.

The rescued animals are then being transported to a facility set up in Edmonton by the Alberta SPCA with the assistance of the Edmonton Humane Society, the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association and the Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force.

We would like to thank all of the volunteers and rescue groups who have assisted in these efforts in Fort McMurray.

Previously, emergency responders had provided water, food and care for animals they encountered while they worked to ensure the safety of the area for the animal rescue teams.

Anyone who was forced to abandon their pet during the evacuation of the Fort McMurray area should ensure they have filled out the Emergency Pet Rescue Request form at http://www.rmwb.ca/pet-rescue/.

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