Election Light 2015 Changes Alberta Skyline

ATB Alberta VotesEdmonton— ATB Financial’s headquarters in downtown Edmonton will again tonight be lit in the voice of the province recorded in Tuesday’s historic provincial election.

The New Democratic Party won approximately 61 per cent of the 87 seats in the legislature. Wildrose captured 24 per cent, the Progressive Conservatives 11 per cent, with the Liberals and the Alberta Party each getting 1 per cent of the seats. There is a recount pending in one Calgary riding.

Those proportions are translated into the segments of programmable LED lights that line the corners of ATB Place. Orange is NDP, green is Wildrose, blue is PC, red is Liberal and yellow is Alberta Party. Every 20 seconds the lights reload and present a visual snapshot of the new legislature.

ATB social media accounts were flooded with comments after the building went live around 10 pm Tuesday.

“Regardless of the party you support, this is a great, unbiased way to display the results!” wrote LT on ATB’s Facebook page. “Go ATB!”