Election 2015: Publicly supported Job Creation is Good but only in Green Sectors of the Economy

Janet Keeping - Green Party AlbertaProvincial Greens want to see the provincial government support job creation but not just any job.  Greens support creation of jobs that move Alberta away from its current heavy dependency on hydrocarbons.

According to Green Party of Alberta leader Janet Keeping “Public money should only be spent to further the public interest and ever more dependency on oil, gas and coal is exactly the wrong way to go.  So creating jobs in the renewable energy sectors (solar, wind and geothermal, for example) and other sustainable industries is the way to go.”

The NDP recently announced they would introduce a job creation tax credit.  According to media reports (Canadian Press), the credit would refund “10% of each new employee’s salary to a maximum salary of $ 50,000.”  Keeping agrees the idea is a good one in principle but the credit shouldn’t be used willy-nilly.  Such a publicly funded subsidy should be used only to create more employment in sustainable industries.

Greens advocate adoption of a real carbon tax, one modelled on the very successful carbon tax implemented by British Columbia that has lowered GHG emissions without harming the BC economy.  Greens would use the proceeds of such a carbon tax in part to support development of green companies and the creation of green jobs.

About Janet Keeping

Janet Keeping is leader of the Green Party of Alberta. Active engagement in politics is the natural extension of Janet’s long-term commitment to human-friendly and healthy environments, social justice and true democracy.

Janet is the Green Party of Alberta’s candidate in Calgary-Foothills.

Follow her on Twitter @leader_janet

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