Edmonton Short Film Festival Showcases Compelling Documentary

Multiple Sclerosis Advocate Screens at Local Film Festival

After being diagnosed with MS as a young woman, Patrycia Rzechowka shows herself to be a fighter. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can be a debilitating illness which affects many people in Canada. While some people succumb to the disease there are fighters and survivors who consider MS a challenge. Patrycia Rzechowka, is one such person. After being faced with the diagnosis, Patrycia chose to take the path of being a teacher, fundraiser and warrior to not only raise awareness about MS but to transcend her beliefs about the disease and how she can overcome it with her mind and body.

“I met Patrycia just before a SpiderMable shoot last spring. She was supporting a fundraiser event for her MS Bike Tour campaign and was just super inspiring with a great story to tell” explains filmmaker Kelly Wolfert, creative director of Leven Creative.

The concept for the documentary behind Patrycia’s battle with MS solidified with funding through TELUS STORYHIVE’s Documentary stream in 2018. Kelly and his team finally had the cash to bring Patrycia’s story to the public. The film chronicles her struggles and triumphs through the medical system with the support of her family and friends as she continues to educate and fundraise through sharing her personal journey.

“When I first saw Ms’ed with the Wrong Girl, I was blown away by the passion behind this incredible woman’s story and her sheer fortitude” reflects Sharlene Millang, Festival Co-Director. “I was pretty sure our judges would feel the same way. Local filmmaker Kelly Wolfert has captured the human experience and we are so pleased to present this inspirational story.”

The Edmonton Short Film Festival screens the best of Alberta independent short film on October 19 and 20 at Metro Cinema at the Historic Garneau Theatre. https://esff.ca/film-lovers/tickets/

About the Edmonton Short Film Festival (ESFF): The ESFF is dedicated to the elevation of Alberta Independent Films and was founded in 2013. In addition to a main festival, which now includes international short films, the non-profit festival offers many events for the community including workshops, the free 48 Hour Mobile Film Challenge and screenings at community events.

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