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Edmonton Company Ordered to Restore Public Lands

The Alberta government has issued a Water Act enforcement order to Associated Aggregates Inc.

The company is required to restore a portion of a sand and gravel pit adjacent to the North Saskatchewan River to dry ground surface conditions after an end pit lake was constructed without authorization.

Incident details

  • A 2007 Water Act approval permitted the establishment of a single end pit lake at the north end of the Drayton Valley Pit site, and did not authorize a wet excavation in the south end of the site.
  • Aerial photography and site inspections confirmed the existence of two end pit lakes, including an unauthorized lake with a constructed berm at the south end of the site.
  • The unauthorized south-end pit lake, which is below the water table, may affect the Town of Drayton Valley’s water supply.

Terms of the Enforcement Order

Under the order, the responsible parties must:

  • Submit a remedial plan that outlines restoration of the surface ground conditions as described in the original Water Act approval, including remedial action for a constructed berm surrounding the southern end pit lake that may be altering the flow of water, by Aug. 25, 2017.
  • Conduct the work described in the approved Remedial Plan, according to the approved schedule of implementation, unless otherwise authorized in writing by the Regional Compliance Manager.
  • Submit a final report describing final remedial actions by Dec. 15, 2018.

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