Editors Opinion on the Wildrose Party


Editors Opinion, by Pam Jones

Reading through all of the over 880 comments posted, so far, on the Facebook post on Danielle Smith’s page (copied below) one thing really saddens me is the fact that a lot of the people commenting are blaming the Wildrose Party.  I do not see this as a Wildrose Party position or fault.  I see this as nine  MLAs that have forgotten why they were in the Legislature in the first place – because the Wildrose Party won the votes.

I sincerely hope that all the people that supported the Wildrose Party and saw the fact that they were, and can still be, a viable Opposition Party, that actually held the Progressive Conservative Party accountable, see that they need to continue supporting, perhaps even increase their support of, the Political Party that they chose in the last election.  The Wildrose Party is not gone, it is still there, albeit with a smaller voice but a voice that perhaps Albertan’s should help to amplify.

I do not think it is fair to the remaining loyal Wildrose Party politicians to have to lose support for their Party because of the actions of these individual politicians.

Don’t vote for these floor-crossers again – fine – they are no longer part of the Wildrose Party they are now PCs, but to turn your backs on the Wildrose Party because of the actions of these particular politicians makes you no better than them. Make the decision to never vote again?  That is your choice but then you are aiding and abetting what you voted against.

Just my opinion.

Open letter to Wildrose members:

Today is an historic day for Alberta. We believe the time is right to unify our conservative family under shared principles and values. Together we ask you as fellow conservatives to join in this important movement to unite our energies and to move Alberta forward.

Once again, we represent the full diversity of voices and regions from all across Alberta – urban, rural, north and south. Our province needs this united leadership as we tackle the challenges ahead.

As part of the reunification, we have agreed on a set of aligned values and principles that will guide us as we move forward, including: respecting property rights, strengthening local decision making in health care and committing to sound conservative fiscal principles. We also agree that Wildrose MLAs who choose to join the team will play key roles in the united government.

You have made an invaluable contribution to the conservative movement in this province, and we urge you to join with us in shared purpose. Working together, we will make Alberta stronger.

Please contact 2016danielle@gmail.com and support a united future.

Premier Jim Prentice
Danielle Smith