Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) Launches Unique Resource For Disaster Recovery

The “Recovery and Resiliency Roadmap; A Toolkit for Economic Preparedness” helps communities recover from and prepare for economic disasters

September 29, 2014, Calgary ABEconomic Developers Alberta (EDA) is pleased to announce it has designed a unique resource to help community leaders prepare for and recover from economic disasters. The only resource of its kind in Canada.

Called the Recovery and Resiliency Roadmap: A Toolkit for Economic Preparedness; it is a practical guide that provides strategies and tactics for community leaders to focus on for economic recovery and preserving jobs.

“When disaster strikes, all too often, economic recovery becomes a piecemeal reaction, rather than a planned response,” said Leann Hackman-Carty EDA CEO. “The key is to take steps ahead of time to ensure your organization will be able to stay in touch with local businesses during and after any type of major incident and to set up a plan of action for disaster response and recovery. The Recovery and Resiliency Roadmap is the only toolkit of its kind in Canada that equips community leaders with these resources for resiliency.”

This toolkit is an outcome of EDA’s Economic Disaster Recovery Project (EDRP). A response to the catastrophic flooding in June 2013; it is designed as a unique blended learning opportunity to provide economic development practitioners, and those in supporting roles, with both theoretical and practical training.

EDA partnered with the British Columbia Economic Development Association (BCEDA) and the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) in the EDRP and the creation of this toolkit.

“We are pleased to partner with EDA in this initiative by providing  content and resources for the toolkit,” said Dale Wheeldon, President and CEO BCEDA. “This toolkit is an important instrument for Canadian economic developers as it provides a broader framework and best practice information to help community leaders meet the high expectations associated with ensuring their community can handle a disaster.”

The Recovery and Resiliency Roadmap: A Toolkit for Economic Preparedness, is modelled after IEDC’s U.S. disaster preparedness toolkit titled “Leadership in the Time of Crisis” launched in June 2014.

“We are pleased to help with the creation of this toolkit,” said Jeff Finkle, President and CEO, IEDC. “We were proud to be a part of EDA’s unique Economic Disaster Recovery Project and trust this customized toolkit will assist Canadian communities and elected officials as they continue to prepare for, respond to, and recover from various types of economic disruptions in the future.”

Read about and download the Recovery and Resiliency Roadmap: A Toolkit for Economic Preparedness