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Eco Friendly Tips for Parents – Infographic

Climate change and the environment is a topical subject for the last number of years. We regularly read and hear about the damage being done globally by manmade issues. Greta Thunberg is a Swedish teenager who rose to prominence as she attempted to build the focus on the issue.

We see the damage on the environment around us. Global erosion, pollution in cities are just two problems that are not going away. Every single day, we as individuals contribute to the planet’s issues. Overuse of manmade materials like plastic fill up our rivers and oceans and harm the wildlife who live there. While it might seem like a big ask, there are many ways we as individuals can help. What might seem like a small change to you, in fact is your journey to becoming more environmentally conscious. We can take little steps to start with such as reducing our reliance on plastic – buying a reusable coffee cup is a great way to start this. Bringing canvas bags to the grocery store instead of buying/taking plastic or paper ones from the store is another obvious thing we can do. As you make these changes, you become more conscious of how your behaviour impacts others and thus it will become easier to be consistently eco-friendly!

This infographic from the guys at The Water Filter Men outlines some interesting eco’ related tips for parents to attempt in their households. It starts by outlining some important facts about climate change which underlines the need for people to take responsibility for their actions; it then goes on to expand on 14 tips with everything from suggesting parents try to “grow their own” in their fruit and vegetable gardens at home to emphasising the importance of setting a good example to the kids yourself by your own actions. Check the full graphic out below for all the details!

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