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Easter Traditions: Religious and Secular

The origins of Easter and all the traditions that have made themselves at home in our North American celebrations are as colourful as the season itself.

A very interesting look at the roots of Easter and the effect on Christian celebrations is written about at length by the Churchmouse Campanologist. That article is called Easter, the Egg and the Hare. It’s worth the read.

Discovery News has a more succinct version of how spring symbols made their way into a Christian holiday in their article What Does the Easter Bunny Have to do With Easter?

Whether you celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ or hunt for eggs and treats left by a generous bunny you can still welcome Spring back to North America!

Check out some of these delicious Easter-inspired recipes:

Easter Bread, or Ukrainian Babka Recipe


Italian Easter Bread


Easter Recipes – treats, as well as brunch and dinner

Hot Cross Buns

deviled eggs ham

And for the kids, here are some creative Easter Egg decorating tips from Brit + Co



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