Easing Access to Seniors Financial Programs

Updates to government programs will allow seniors to submit benefit claims and repayments for loan programs online.

Easing access to seniors financial programs
Minister Pon and Minister Hunter visited Sage Seniors Association to announce new online tools that will make seniors benefits more accessible.

A new online tool has been released to make financial assistance programs for seniors with low income more accessible. The Special Needs Assistance online claims tool allows seniors to easily and securely make claims for program benefits, and receive them faster. Seniors will no longer have to fax, mail or drop off these documents in person.

The government has also partnered with financial institutions to make loan repayment easier for seniors. Recipients of Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program and Seniors Home Adaptation and Repair Program home equity loans will now have the option to repay their loans quickly and securely through their online banking accounts. Until now, mailing a cheque was the only way to make a loan repayment. 

“It is important that seniors are able to quickly, easily and securely access the programs and services they need. These online updates will make our programs more efficient and simpler to navigate. I am pleased that these programs are being modernized and will now be more accessible for the seniors who need them.”Josephine Pon, Minister of Seniors and Housing

“MyAlberta Digital ID provides safe and user-friendly access to online government services through a single username and password. Albertans can now access a growing number of services once considered too sensitive to deliver online, such as the Special Needs Assistance for Seniors online tool. This is what access to government services should look like in 2019 and this is the kind of innovation our government looks forward to continuing.”Nate Glubish, Minister of Service Alberta

“These tools have a positive impact on seniors and senior-serving organizations that can now spend more time working directly with seniors and less time on excessive administrative process. Thank you, Minister Pon, for cutting even more red tape and making the lives of seniors in Alberta better.”Grant Hunter, Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction

“Improving access to financial benefits and loan repayment is an important step towards reducing the barriers that seniors experience when navigating systems and supports. As technology adoption rates for older adults increase, improved online service delivery helps to ensure that seniors access services efficiently, freeing up resources to support seniors who require hands-on support applying for benefits. We look forward to continued work with government to ensure that older Albertans can efficiently and effectively access the supports they need, when they need them.”Karen McDonald, executive director, Sage Seniors Association

Seniors and service providers can access these updated programs on Nov. 1 at alberta.ca/seniors-financial-assistance.aspx.

Introducing these updates is another positive step ahead in the government’s commitment to reduce red tape and make life easier for Albertans. If you have a suggestion about where we can cut even more red tape, please visit our website at CutRedTape.Alberta.ca.

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