Dying with Dignity Canada – National Day of Action

With support across provinces ranging from 79% to 89% and between 80% and 85% across income levels, across age groups and with 85% of healthcare professionals and 85% of people with disabilities it is obvious that Canadians are united behind the cause of medically assisted dying.

If you have missed the poll results (pretty unlikely!) you can find them here.Dying with Dignity poll

Dying with Dignity Canada will be gathering supporters on the National Day of Action across the country.

National Day of Action: Calgary

October 15, 2014

Time: 11:30am – 1pm

716 Macleod Trail SE – The Municipal Plaza

On October 15, 2014 we encourage members of the Calgary Community to come out to support choice in dying as the Supreme Court of Canada hears arguments in the Carter Case.

Too many Canadians have suffered at end of life because they had no legal option of assistance to die: Gloria Taylor, Sue Rodriguez, Dr. Donald Low, Susan Griffiths, Linda Jarrett, Nagui Morcos and Cindy Cowan are just a few of the modern martyrs of our outdated laws.

To honor these individuals and the thousands of other Canadians who have suffered at end-of-life, our chapters and local volunteer are organizing rallies across the country. Come out and make your voice heard. Has someone in your family suffered needlessly at end of life? Bring their picture. We will stand in solidarity as you remember them.


Municipal Plaza

716 Macleod Trail SE,

Calgary, Alberta,


11:30 – 1pm, October 15, 2014

About Dying With Dignity Canada

Dying With Dignity Canada was founded in 1982.

We are a national, member-based charity committed to helping people achieve quality in dying.  We help people understand all end-of-life options and work for choice in dying for all Canadians.dwd_logo(6)

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