Let’s talk social events – Diamond Valley Weight Management

Diamond Valley Weight Loss

Please join us on Friday at noon, online, in our new Facebook Group called Diamond Valley Weight Management group.

These information sessions will be held every week and will cover a different aspect of managing your weight.

Last week we discussed “Managing Slips-ups” and tomorrow we’re going to be chatting about “Managing Social Events”.

If you’re not already part of our group please join now, as we are a closed group.  We formed a Closed Group so that there is more privacy and only people serious about managing their weight are part of it.

The group is administered by the Pharmasave Black Diamond’s Ideal Protein coaches, Tanya and Pam, but it is in no way restricted to Ideal Protein Protocol clients. Nor do we have expectations that you join Ideal Protein – unless of course, you decide that it’s the right fit for you.

Diamond Valley Weight Loss