Drug trafficking operation leads to large fentanyl seizure

Drug trafficking operation leads to large fentanyl seizure

Calgary Police Service CPSHundreds of fentanyl pills, body armour, cash and other narcotics have been seized during an operation that targeted drug traffickers in northeast Calgary.

On Wednesday and Thursday of (last) week, the District 5 Operations Team arrested a man alleged to have been involved in a significant dial-a-dope operation. The suspect was arrested on Jan. 20, 2016, and a search of his vehicle turned up 606 fentanyl pills worth an estimated $18,000, an amount of methadone, as well as cash.

A subsequent search of the suspect’s home in the 100 block of Taradale Close N.E., also yielded various amount of drugs, cash and other items.

The seizure included:

  • Nearly $23,000 cash
  • 23 OxyContin pills worth $1,840
  • Cocaine, methadone, marijuana
  • Two sets of body armour
  • Bear spray
  • Ammunition

Charged in connection with this file is Ismail ABDULBAKI, 34, of Calgary. He faces several drug-related offences, as well as charges under the provincial Body Armour Control Act.

This drug activity is believed to be at the core of much of the violence being seen in Calgary in the last year.