Drop-In Centre Clients Give to Calgary Kids


Drop-in Centre donates to hospitalA group of kind hearted Calgary Drop-In Centre clients pooled their bottle money all year so they could donate Christmas gifts to sick children at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Drop-In Centre donates to childrens wishThe Drop-In Centre also visited the Childrens Wish Foundation‬, today, where clients came together to donate $1,000 to sponsor a child’s wish. These guys saved all year to make it happen. It’s a truly amazing and selfless feat.

This is the true magic of the Holiday season!

Do you want to thank these gentlemen and bring cheer to all the clients of the Drop-In Centre? You can send a Christmas card….that’s it, just a card but it could mean so much!

#MakeItMerry  Project
P.O. Box 96107 West Springs
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T3H 0L3

Check out this story to learn more: http://www.ritewhileucan.com/send-cards-for-the-homeless-dropin-centre/