Drivers endangering pedestrians on Happy Trails


High River, AB: The Town has recently become aware that there are drivers who are moving barricades and using part of the Happy Trails system to avoid a detour along 5 Street N.E. and this is putting pedestrians at risk.

Several vehicles have been seen driving on the Happy Trails to drive to or from 1 Avenue S.E. (near Ecole Senator Riley School) around the construction zone. Road construction is currently underway along the section of 5 Street in front of the main entrance to the trailer park.

“Kids and families walking on the Happy Trails are being forced into the ditch to avoid being run over,” says Patrick Webb, Special Advisor to Community Services with the Town. “It is absolutely astonishing to me that selfish drivers would physically move vehicle barricades and endanger pedestrians so they can save themselves a few minutes in a detour.”

Webb adds that construction crews have been recording license plates and providing these to the RCMP and charges are anticipated.

Drivers in the area are reminded to leave extra time for their daily commute until construction is finished at the end of the month. The area will now be monitored in an effort to identify and charge drivers who continue to take this shortcut.