Drew Barnes Comments On The Prentice TV Address


EDMONTON, AB – “The Alberta government has management problems that require immediate action,” said Wildrose Leadership Candidate Drew Barnes.  “We cannot wait for ten years to tackle issues that are hitting Alberta’s pocket books and dinner tables today.”

Yesterday Premier Jim Prentice stated the Alberta government must seek new ways to raise revenue as part of a “10-year plan” to get Alberta’s finances in order.

“The PC Party of Alberta has had 44 years to put a plan together,” said Barnes. “I am baffled as to why they need another ten years to get it done.  A private sector company that takes 54 years to get its finances in order simply would not survive.”

Alberta’s PC government has taken 44 years to create the most expensive government in Canada.   Alberta’s PC government already has the highest per capita revenues in the country and Alberta’s hard working families pay the 2nd highest per capita income tax in all of Canada.

“Leadership starts with protecting the taxpayer and the hardworking Alberta families by allowing them to keep their incomes, and focusing on outcomes in health care, education and government programs,” said Barnes.

These challenging times cannot be met with the same solutions of the last 44 years.  Solutions are to be found in change.  Change to a Drew Barnes led Wildrose government that will put Albertans first.