Downtown Calgary Power Outage – May Last Until Thursday, October 16th, 2014


Update: 9:30 PM- Sunday, October 12

Power Outages

There are currently power outages between 5 Street SW and 11 Street SW and 4 Avenue SW and 7 Avenue SW.
As a result, approximately 1,900 metered customers in 112 residential and commercial buildings are without power. The system will be shut down until power can be safely restored. If you currently have power, you are not at risk of losing service.
At this time, ENMAX has indicated power will remain disrupted for a minimum of four days. Some areas will not be restored for approximately a week.

Road Closures & Transit

5th Avenue will remain closed between 7th Street and 9th Street SW, and 8th Street will remain closed between 4th Avenue and 6th Avenue SW.
C-Train service has been restored in the downtown core but a few routes remain on detour. Check for the most up-to-date route information.


Water quality remains high and Calgarians in the affected area can continue to use water if it is available. Due to the power outage, there may be loss of pressure to high floor units which may result in no water supply. The City is preparing to provide emergency potable water wagons for affected residents and businesses as required.
Please note no food donations are required at this time.

Information for Downtown Residents

Last update: 9:30 PM, Sunday October 12

Information Centre

The City of Calgary has set up a 24-hour information centre at Mewata Armoury at 801 11 St. SW for residents to go and get information regarding the incident and support services.

Bring identification

Please bring identification and a piece of mail or some document to show your home address is in the impacted area. Bring the name of your insurance provider and policy information if available, as well as the name of your building manager or organization if possible.

Get information

Impacted residents will be able to convene, get information and charge electronic devices. There will be food trucks, handwashing stations, and an assessment can be done on any accommodation challenges.
The centre will also have Animal Services available to take your pets to The City’s Animal Shelter for temporary accommodation. Domestic animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits and birds in cages can all be accommodated. For exotic pets (must be in cages) such as snakes, spiders, etc. arrangements can be made by calling Calgary North Veterinary Hospital at 403-277-0135.
If your power is out and you have friends or family that you can stay with, please reach out to secure accommodations for yourself while power is being restored. You can also contact your insurance company to see if accommodations are covered under your individual policy.
Please note NO food donations are required at this time.

Tips for leaving home

 If you are leaving your home for an extended period please:

  • Unplug all appliances to prevent a power surge when power is ultimately restored.
    Pack light, but take clothes and supplies to last up to a week, including:

    • Medication
    • Battery chargers
    • Identification which confirms your identity and address (such as a driver’s licence or utility bill)
    • Insurance information and property management contact information

What do I do if I don’t have water in my home?

Residents may see in buildings that have lost pressure or are experiencing low pressure include no water from taps and toilets will not flush.  This is a normal occurrence when pressure is lost or low, and residents are asked to be patient as crews work to restore power and water pressure to the building. Residents are asked to advise their building manager should this occur.  The City is working with Building Owners and Managers Association to monitor and communicate with affected residents. Please note, even if your water pressure is low, your water is safe to be used.

The City is preparing to provide emergency potable water wagons for affected residents and businesses as required.

Fridge or freezer in power outage

If you open your fridge or freezer and the light does not come on, you should prepare for the possibility of food spoilage.  Remove all perishables from the fridge and freezer.

Please note that elevator service in your building may not work.  If the stairwell is dark or as night falls, use flashlights. Use of candles poses a fire risk that should be avoided.
Please continue to check on any neighbours who may need assistance.


Waste bins will be available at Mewata Armoury for food disposal. If you are without power and looking to get rid of items in your fridge, you can dispose of them at the Information Centre.

Staying Connected

If your phone is impacted and you have no dial tone, you will not be able to make any calls, including emergency calls. If you need to place an emergency call, please use your cell phone. If your cell phone doesn’t work, please reach out to a neighbour and use their phone or go to a neighbouring business.

Shaw has provided an open Wi-Fi network throughout Calgary for those who are using devices to stay connected. Look for the “Shaw Guest” network on your Wi-Fi enabled devices. No password is required.
Impacted residents can also head to any Telus retail store to charge their devices.