The series follows a man who has a special power of always being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As the main character learns how to be a better witness, viewers will also learn what they should do if they ever find themselves witnessing a crime.

Calgarians are encouraged to remember three words when they find themselves being a witness: observe, record and report. Witnesses can help the police best when they follow as many of these steps as possible:

  1. If it is an emergency or a crime in progress, call 9-1-1 immediately.
  2. Move to a safe place until police arrive.
  3. Take note of the appearance of the people involved, including their:
    • Age and gender
    • Ethnicity and build
    • Height and weight
    • Hair colour and length
    • Face shape and/or facial hair
    • Eye colour and shape
    • Clothing type and colour
    • Anything else distinct about them
  4. Take note of the environment around the incident:
    • Time
    • Location
    • Nearby vehicles, including:
      • Year, make and model
      • Colour
      • License plate number
      • Number of occupants
      • Body damage, bumper stickers or decals.
      • Direction of travel
      • Which street it was parked/driving along when you last saw it
  5. Take note of what happened:
    • How many people were involved
    • What they did and to whom
    • What was said (if you can safely hear)
    • How they left the scene
    • What direction were they traveling
  6. Report what you noted to police.

The first three parts of The Witness were released earlier this month, and the series finale is now available on the Calgary Police Service’s YouTube Channel.