You Don’t Have to Give Up Running Outside Now That it’s Winter

Running or walking outside in the Autumn is a lovely experience (for anyone who hasn’t tried it I highly recommend). But Autumn is quite possibly the shortest season of them all and before we all know it, snow and ice has replaced crisp leaves. But I’m here to tell you you don’t have to give up going outside for your morning run.

Here are 10 tips to keep you on track:

  • Set your morning alarm to something epic, it’ll get you pumped and give you that subconscious reminder to get running.
  • Invest in an extra room heater to make waking up and getting out of bed decidedly easier
  • Warm up with a pre-run around your house so the blast of cold air isn’t quite so shocking.
  • Grab a protein bar or peanut butter toast before you head outdoors, the protein will help keep your body from fatigue and cold longer.
  • Be Flexible! If it’s sleeting out there, take the day off and do something indoors. There’s no reason to burn yourself out or get sick.
  • Find a running partner to help hold you accountable.
  • Get the right attire, it’s darker, longer during the winter so invest in something reflective. Also, remember your normal summer running clothes may not cut it. Put grips on your shoes so you don’t slip and dress in layers. Don’t forget a hat and mittens!
  • Run into the wind for the first half of the run, and with the wind at your back for the second. That way the stretch home is less brutal.
  • Remember to drink water. You won’t sweat as much in the cold, but you still need to hydrate!
  • Take off your cold clothes as soon as you get home. Sitting longer in cold, damp clothes is asking for a cold.

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Now you’re ready to face the cold and train for that spring race, you can practically smell the flowers.

Source: Simple Healing