Donating to Rowan House: A Message from Shelter Facility Assistant

Almost every day I receive requests from people wanting to donate to Rowan House. I love this part of my job and am so grateful for the support of our community. Often our families arrive with just the clothes on their backs. Because of your support, we’re able to supply the basics of new underwear, pajamas, socks and toiletries to each woman and child. The toiletries include; shampoo, body wash or soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hair brush, and feminine hygiene supplies. We provide full size items (rather than travel size) as the residents can stay here up to 30 days and take the items with them when they leave. Each room has a supply of clean towels and linens for the residents to use during their stay.

Unfortunately, we have limited storage space for any “extras”. We have over 200 women and children from all walks of life come through our doors in any given year. As you can imagine, it would be so difficult for us to have the right size and style of clothing for each person who comes in. However, the local thrift stores: the Salvation Army Thrift Store in High River, Missions Thrift Store in Okotoks, and the Foothills Salvage Centre, have all partnered with us to provide our families with vouchers to shop at their stores. This allows our residents to go and pick out the exact items they need in the styles and sizes they like, helping them maintain some dignity during this difficult time. And our volunteers just wouldn’t be able to keep up with sorting through the very generous offers of gently used clothing, household items and bedding – even if we did have the space for it.

Meanwhile, we have a limited grocery budget, so food donations are always welcome! Health & Safety requires that all food items be new, unopened and not past their Best Before or expiration date. Rowan House posts our most needed items monthly on our Facebook page. Some examples of these items would be canned fruits or vegetables, tuna, cereal, rice, cleaning supplies, laundry pods, fabric softener and office supplies. Gift cards to grocery stores, Walmart, gas stations and long-distance calling cards are also very helpful.

If you have any questions about donating, please contact Charlene at 403 603-5998