Dogs Required to be on a Leash in Lloyd Park

Message to Red Deer Lake Community Association & Users of Lloyd Park from Foothills County

It has come to the attention of Foothills County that there appears to be some confusion from a number of users of Lloyd Park regarding the requirement for dogs to be leashed at this location.

Lloyd Park is, and always has been, a location to which the previous Dog Control and current Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaws apply. Both of these Bylaws have always required dogs to be on a leash, when off of the property of the dog’s owner. Lloyd Park has never been designated or approved as an off-leash area for dogs.

Over the past several years, Foothills Patrol Peace Officers have responded to several complaints related to dogs off leash and running at large, dogs being aggressive and dogs biting other dogs.

The Community Association recently erected signage posting the rules that dogs are to be on a leash. The decision to erect these signs was at the sole discretion of the Community Association. While the signs are new, the rules outlining the requirement to have dogs on a leash is not. When visiting Lloyd Park, or other areas of Foothills County, please ensure that your dog(s) are properly under your control and on a leash.