Dog Owner Charged by Alberta SPCA

A dog owner from Swan Hills has been charged with four offences under the Animal Protection Act (APA) after the Alberta SPCA seized 16 animals from a property earlier this month. Lauri Restad is charged with causing an animal to be in distress, APA 2(1), failing to provide adequate food and water, APA 2.1(a), failing to provide adequate veterinary care when an animal is sick or injured, APA 2.1(b), and failing to provide adequate shelter, ventilation and space, APA 2.1(d).

Sixteen dogs were removed from the property in Swan Hills on October 3rd. Peace Officers entered the home under a general warrant to assess the dogs. Believing the animals were in distress and requiring immediate removal, all 16 dogs were transported to veterinarians for examination. One of the dogs was euthanized to relieve pain and suffering and another dog died at a veterinary clinic due to significant health issues. The remaining dogs are under the care of Alberta SPCA caretakers.

Lauri Restad is scheduled to make her first appearance in Barrhead Provincial Court on December 10, 2019.