Diwali: Statement from Minister Aheer

Leela Sharon Aheer, Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women, issued the following statement on Diwali:

Diwali: Statement from Minister Aheer
Minister Aheer lights the diyas to celebrate Diwali alongside her colleagues at McDougall Centre.

“Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival and a celebration of the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. As the days grow shorter and we come together to celebrate the harvest, Albertans who celebrate Diwali also take the opportunity to reflect on their prosperity and give to those less fortunate.

“Candles called diyas will be lit, houses will be decorated with colourful rangoli patterns on the floor and families will partake in feasts.

“Alberta is blessed to have such a rich cultural mosaic, where we can celebrate our traditions as a source of unity. Together, we can build a province where all people feel valued and respected.

“To everyone celebrating today, best wishes for a happy Diwali.

“Diwali Ki Badhai.”