Distribution of $70,000 Calgary Animal Abuse Fund

By Calgary Humane on January 29, 2015

Calgary, AB — The Calgary Animal Abuse Fund, organized by Vets To Go, originated as a response to the discovery of a husky (Shadow) and cat (One-Tooth) found deceased with their mouths taped shut and the ensuing public outrage. The goal in creating the fund was to raise a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator of these violent and disturbing crimes.

Contributions from the community quickly flowed in after the launch, resulting in approximately $70,000 being raised. Over the next several months, CHS Peace Officers utilized a variety of investigative strategies to piece together a case against Nicolino CAMARDI, culminating in his May arrest and subsequent remand. CAMARDI has since pleaded guilty and awaits sentencing, still detained.

In the absence of public tips leading to the arrest, Greg Habstritt, of Vets To Go announced the distribution of the $70,000 fund at the Calgary Humane Society on January 29, 2015:

• $20,000 to Calgary Humane Society for equipment, technology and training to assist the Animal Protection Department in their ability to investigate and lay charges in cases of animal cruelty.

• $24,000 to Canadian Federation of Humane Societies to assist in funding of the National Centre for the Prosecution of Animal Cruelty. The Funds will be directed to a program to provide prosecutors nationally more resources regarding the prosecution of animal cruelty cases.

• $25,000 to Four Feet Companion Foundation to provide grants for approved projects to registered animal charities in Calgary and the surrounding area.