Disaster Recovery Program $413 Million Under Budget, More than Half of Surplus came from Unspent Flood Money

By Meagan Wade, Alberta Party

Calgary: The Disaster Recovery Program was $413 million under budget last year, giving the province ample room to fund the worst snow disaster in Calgary’s history, says Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark.

“The 2014/2015 Municipal Affairs Annual Report shows the Disaster Recovery Program was underspent by $413 Million last year,” said Clark. “There is more than enough room to provide support to cities when significant disasters occur.

“And make no mistake, this was a disaster. The City of Calgary opened the Emergency Operations Centre, which is the very definition of a disaster.”

Clark noted that more than half the reported surplus comes from unspent flood money.

“In addition to the $413 that went unspent on DRP there was $200 million allocated to flood mitigation that was also not spent.”

“Anyone who was in Calgary during the September snowstorm knows this was a disaster. The province should pay its share.”