Disability Employment Awareness Month: Minister Sawhney

Minister of Community and Social Services Rajan Sawhney issued the following statement for Disability Employment Awareness Month 2019:

“As Albertans, we all have unique skills and interests that make us valued members in our workplaces.

“Our government is proud to acknowledge Disability Employment Awareness Month and is committed to promoting increased participation by Albertans with disabilities in our provincial economy. Like everyone, people with disabilities make essential contributions to Alberta’s workforce and communities every day.

“That’s why our government is committed to creating more employment choices by building on successful partnerships. I thank the many people already working towards inclusion: businesses, community organizations, educational institutions and all other local groups and individuals.

“This awareness month helps us talk about how far we’ve come and where we need to go to promote an inclusive workforce. These are opportunities for us to work together.

“This October, please join us in recognizing Disability Employment Awareness Month in your communities – and on social media using hashtag #DEAM – and help make our workplaces welcoming to all.”